2/3/5-Day Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training Intensives

The Advanced Practice & Teaching of Yoga

Transform your personal practice and launch your teaching to the next level in this Vinyasa intensive. The theory of sadhana teaches yoga techniques to grow and expand the self while vinyasa creates a powerful flow of the practices for transformation.  

Morning practices begin with more detailed dharma linked with advanced asana,  mantra & mudra, with proper time for pranayama and meditation and are time for your own cultivation of sadhana, personal confidence in your practice and thoughtful reflection on the yogic texts. 

Afternoon sessions are devoted to advanced teaching methodology that will give you skills for a lifetime of teaching including:

  • Learn powerful sequences for vinyasa flow sequencing and choreography

  • Face your fears and transform your voice as a teacher 

  • Learn to use your vocal technique properly with skill 

  • Clarify your personal dharma & sadhana focus 

  • Receive direct feedback from Claire to grow and receive focus

This vinyasa teacher training is the integration of yoga practices: asana, mantra, mudra, meditation, pranayama, self-inquiry, commitment, strengths as a teacher and to open your heart & creative energy in order to serve well. This training is for yoga teachers who want to strengthen their teaching and for dedicated students who want to take it to the next level with the UK’s foremost Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher.