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Advanced Training & Leadership


In 2019 we have two 75-hour Advanced Training and Leadership Modules to partake in. These carry on from the Advanced Training in 2018 and bring together the most important aspects of the previous 4 modules, so you have a bespoke and detailed intensive that develops your core skills and enhances your own creative sensibilities.

In this training Claire emphasises the interconnectedness and non-dualistic view of our spiritual life, how these practices awaken within us the ability to reach personal, communal, worldy potential with all life on earth. You will gain the skills to confidently achieve these goals as well as to actively lead your students how to live in harmony.


Please complete the application form to confirm your place on the intensive.

Each Module is 75 hours with homework.
All training days are 10am-5pm.

Advanced Training Modules


Advanced Esoteric Philosophy Module

July 1st - 6th 2019 

An in-depth study of the physical and energetic anatomy of the human body and its practical application to teaching and creating class plans for the range of students, beginners to advanced, that you may encounter in your classes.

We refine, deepen and learn practical skills through asana and meditation to real work with the esoteric aspects of yoga including studying the 10 Bodies, chakras, nadis, marmas, prana vayus, koshas, kleshas, granthis, bandhas, tattvas, sapta bhumikas, gunas and observing Samskara.

You will learn many KRIYAS to balance the Esoteric System. Learn how to equip your students with the ability to pay attention to and maintain glands and nervous system so they function at an optimal level and with your leadership, have an experiential understanding of the interrelationships of mind, body, emotions and spirit. 


Advanced Yoga Class Formulation & Integrated Philosophy

September 16th - 21st 2019   

Stand out from all other teachers! This module studies how to interpret and create Dharma Talks on the following texts: Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutras, Deities as archetypes, Mytho-Poetic understanding of the Hindu pantheon, and in a practical and experiential manner plan excellent classes that incorporate philosophy.   Learn how to integrate your understanding so you can teach it in an impactful, confident and authentic way.

For this module you will undertake an in depth study of the Gita, Upanishads and Tantric Texts. You will also learn how to incorporate chanting, mantra and teach to skeptics or those from other religions in the class setting plus learn the neuroscience of sound: Bhakti, Mantra, Nada Yoga, Sanskrit and the power of sacred words. 

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Advanced Esoteric Philosophy Module
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Contact Hours for modules

In order to complete the program and earn your certification, you need to complete all of the modules within the stated time frame. There will also be work to be studied and completed at home in between meeting weeks.

If you’re able to make this time commitment and have a burning desire to align with your highest potential as a yoga teacher, we would like you to apply to take part in this life changing process. 



Claire Missingham Sacred Sadhana Space 7 Harrow Place, 1st Floor, London, E1 7DB.

Please book accommodation that is on easy, central transport links.


Advanced Esoteric Philosophy Module
July 1st - 6th 2019: 10am - 5pm

Advanced Yoga Class Formulation & Integrated Philosophy
September 16th - 21st 2019: 10am - 5pm


Waiver: Historically, many spiritual traditions and teachers, since the invention of film, have either documented, recorded and then archived the teachings so they are available in the future as a resource for learning, either for private or public offering in the future. This training follows that tradition. Therefore, expect classes, lectures and events will either be filmed or audio recorded. Your attendance confirms you have read and understood this requirement for archiving these lessons. If you have personal reason to not be included in this subtle documentation, please let your teacher know at the time and you can be ensured to be out of sightline. Thank you.


Claire’s Foundation and Advanced Training programmes are both currently certified under Yoga Alliance, USA.