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Foundation Training


Foundation Training

This is not your run-of-the-mill UpDog DownDog yoga training. Literally anyone can do that. Started in 2009, This is Claire Missingham’s unique, intimate teacher training course giving you the individual attention you need to excel and truly define your creative voice within this dynamic and evolving tradition. This unique offering is about taking your practice deeper, to integrate the true philosophy of yoga and meditation and to encourage serious seekers who wish to study the Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and the depth of the Kriyas. You also do cover Asana, Bhandas, Klesha, Panca Vayu, Koshas and yes, UpDog DownDog, but this Foundation in scripture will set you apart in a saturated yoga scene. Articulate, Skilled, Confident.

Why Choose This Programme?

A bespoke and unique training emphasising Philosophy and Dharma.

  • The course has a Lead teacher who has a successful, international teaching career spanning 18+ years.

  • Disciplined, technical and very detailed training geared towards nurturing excellence and creativity.

  • One of the highest levels in Europe of graduates teaching Yoga as a successful full-time career after graduating from the programme, making a living teaching a subject they love.

  • 3 full time weeks and two weekends contact time, plus homework and self practice, yet every second will count. Intense, Life-Affirming, Focusing - this training is not a roll in roll out course. You bring the prana.

To Enrol you require…

  • At least two years of consistent yoga practice, meditation and a desire to go deeper into philosophy.

  • As part of that process, you will inevitably deepen your personal practice, and will learn more intensely about philosophy than many other trainings, however, the will to be a teacher and pass this on is desired.

  • This training is intense, detailed and emphasises sadhana, philosophy, dharma and historical context. It is not fashionable, or cool, or the latest fad. IT IS is life-changing longterm professional and personal development. If you want to develop intellectually as well as physically, this training is for you.

  • Check you can attend all dates. Fill in the application submission below. Get ready to make 2019 the best year yet!

Foundation Training Modules



History of Yoga, Theory of Yoga, Contextualising in Modern Day Yoga. Discover the Main Yogic Texts. Integration of Philosophy. Class Creation.


Sanskrit, Mantras, Chanting, Bhakti, Sutras and Slokas.


Esoteric Anatomy in depth Study: Learn Many Kriyas, Pranas, Vayus, Chakras, Nadis.


Leadership Skills, Oratory, Rhythm, Music, Vocal Skills and Vocal Training.


Teaching Completely: Yoga Assists, Creative Sequencing, Creating Safe Spaces and Multi Dimensional Classes: Putting it All Together.


Please fill out your Enrolment Form above to apply for the Foundation Training


Contact Hours for modules

Week long intensives (Monday to Friday 10am-5pm)
Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays 10am-5pm)

In order to complete the program and earn your certification, you need to complete all of the modules within the stated time frame. There will also be work to be studied and completed at home in between meeting weeks.

If you’re able to make this time commitment and have a burning desire to align with your highest potential as a yoga teacher, we would like you to apply to take part in this life changing process. 


Central London studio, please book accommodation that is on easy, central transport links.


SEPTEMBER 2019 - FEB 2020

Three week long intensives

Two weekend intensives


Waiver: Historically, many spiritual traditions and teachers, since the invention of film, have either documented, recorded and then archived the teachings so they are available in the future as a resource for learning, either for private or public offering in the future. This training follows that tradition. Therefore, expect classes, lectures and events will either be filmed or audio recorded. Your attendance confirms you have read and understood this requirement for archiving these lessons. If you have personal reason to not be included in this subtle documentation, please let your teacher know at the time and you can be ensured to be out of sightline. Thank you.