Gita Grace

The Bhagavad Gita as a foundation for asana practice: 

Join Claire for a simple, accessible and sweet exploration on vinyasa through the eyes of the Gita, which means ‘song’. We will explore the Gita’s teachings on yoga, especially the concept of the Danda, The Archer and the ability to find skill through the tapestry of this foundational yoga as a practitioner, as the teacher, and the charioteer of the inner teacher. Have you ever wanted to create clear workshop and class plans, integrate the traditional texts and lead inspiring classes that bow to the historical context of yoga? Then this workshop will help you to learn how to plan 6-months/1 year worth of classes, themes and dharmic awareness. We will look at how to practically fit in your favourite poems, speeches or write your own inspirational words, when is the right time and how to keep the class circle going while you talk. This skill alone is transformational for your confidence and for your continued ability to glean the best from your sadhana.