Radiantly Alive!

We will cover meditations, affirmations, yoga asana, chakra work, yoga kriyas, music as a healing practice, journalling/drawing/painting and discussions on healing food and cooking radiant food as a spiritual practice.  

These will be less for the fitness fanatic and more for men and women who are serious about their wellbeing, have a true yearning for Sadhana (Spiritual Practice), wellness and vibrant food - all under the umbrella of yoga.  

In this event the participants will experience: 

  • Opening Talk, Chanting and Intentions 

  • Yoga Kriyas to open prana channels Panca Vayus

  • Yoga Asana - Focused on back-bending and Anahata Chakra Opening with affirmations and amazing music 

  • Deep Meditation and Mudra

  • Divinity Notes: Journalling and Short Writing Exercise 

  • Claire talk on living Radiantly Alive

  • Your Radiant Kitchen and Food as Spiritual Practice

Write some divinity notes, and be active in the discussion within the space - as a way of exploring your own relationship to your spiritual self, your yoga practice (or lack of one), and how your past is affecting your future and how to practically break the cycle.  Participants will leave inspired to breathe life not only into your plans for this year, but into each other and your most treasured loved ones, past and present.