Talks and Workshops


Throughout Claire’s career, she has inspired thousands of people in person and through online teachings in the wellness space: yoga, hindu philosophy and nutritional wellness. 

Claire’s ability as a speaker, to hold the space in a talk & meditation allows those present, brings those present into a place of deep inner listening that ignites curiosity, thoughtful insight and a good dose of humour.

All speaking engagements are exploratory and experiential for the participants. 


Current Yoga Workshop Offerings

Claire has been leading open classes, teacher trainings, workshops on specific philosophies, speaking gigs, online classes, festival events and private yoga sessions since 2000, all part of the wider dedication to authentic, truthful and disciplined wellness practice. Ready to dive in? 

Gita Grace

Yoga is Skill in Action

Join Claire for an accessible and sweet exploration on traditional yogic techniques: asana, pranayama, meditations and kriyas through the eyes of the Gita, which means ‘song of the divine’.

We will explore the Gita’s teachings on yoga, especially the concept of the Danda, The Archer and the ability to find skill through the tapestry of this foundational yoga as a practitioner, as the teacher, and the charioteer of the inner teacher.

Knowing and understanding the traditional texts is an essential as a tool to creating a dharma for your practice, a must for anyone wanting to be completely inspired by the history of yoga practice. Open to those with 6 months practice upwards, no experience of Kriyas necessary, just a willingness to learn. 



Radiantly Alive!

We will cover meditations, affirmations, yoga asana, chakra work, yoga kriyas, music as a healing practice, journalling / drawing / painting and discussions on healing food and cooking radiant food as a spiritual practice.  

These will be less for the fitness fanatic and more for men and women who are serious about their wellbeing, have a true yearning for Sadhana (Spiritual Practice), wellness and vibrant food - all under the umbrella of yoga.  

In this event the participants will experience: 

  • Opening Talk, Chanting and Intentions 

  • Yoga Kriyas to open prana channels Panca Vayus

  • Yoga Asana - Focused on back-bending and Anahata Chakra Opening with affirmations and amazing music 

  • Deep Meditation and Mudra

  • Divinity Notes: Journalling and Short Writing Exercise 

  • Claire talk on living Radiantly Alive

  • Your Radiant Kitchen and Food as Spiritual Practice

Write some divinity notes, and be active in the discussion within the space - as a way of exploring your own relationship to your spiritual self, your yoga practice (or lack of one), and how your past is affecting your future and how to practically break the cycle.  Participants will leave inspired to breathe life not only into your plans for this year, but into each other and your most treasured loved ones, past and present. 



All New You

A Workshop to Live in your Power & Reset your Inner Fire

At this new workshop, expect an inspirational lecture, physical asana sequence to rejuvenate you and amazing Kriyas and Meditations handpicked to align you with incredible internal upgrades to your nervous system and renew the glands for a refreshing approach.

It is essential to continually refresh your inner systems and brain chemistry to deal with changes in your life and rewire your brain towards your highest potential.

A philosophical lecture, Breathwork and an active meditation set to music that moves the inner chemistry.

Welcome to all levels including beginners. 



2/3/5-Day Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training Intensives

The Advanced Practice & Teaching of Yoga

Transform your personal practice and launch your teaching to the next level in this Vinyasa intensive. The theory of sadhana teaches yoga techniques to grow and expand the self while vinyasa creates a powerful flow of the practices for transformation.  

Morning practices begin with more detailed dharma linked with advanced asana,  mantra & mudra, with proper time for pranayama and meditation and are time for your own cultivation of sadhana, personal confidence in your practice and thoughtful reflection on the yogic texts. 

Afternoon sessions are devoted to advanced teaching methodology that will give you skills for a lifetime of teaching including:

  • Learn powerful sequences for vinyasa flow sequencing and choreography

  • Face your fears and transform your voice as a teacher 

  • Learn to use your vocal technique properly with skill 

  • Clarify your personal dharma & sadhana focus 

  • Receive direct feedback from Claire to grow and receive focus

This vinyasa teacher training is the integration of yoga practices: asana, mantra, mudra, meditation, pranayama, self-inquiry, commitment, strengths as a teacher and to open your heart & creative energy in order to serve well. This training is for yoga teachers who want to strengthen their teaching and for dedicated students who want to take it to the next level with the UK’s foremost Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher. 



Friendly Fires

The word Maitri appears in the yoga sutras friendliness, amity, friendship, good will, kindness, close mental union, and active interest in others. In this workshop we explore this approach to asana, breath-work, active partner yoga and how to integrate Maitri into sadhana and radiant daily living. 

This workshop begins with a free-flowing, continuous vinaysa experience that will leave you energised, worked out and fired up for more. Using Claire’s choreographed warrior-pose based standing flow that includes many arm balance/core transitions, that awaken confidence and balance - all in a friendly manner! 

The afternoon is more experiential, with handouts on the dharma of maitri, ideas for living in this approach through daily living, food and sadhana - plus some fun and sweet partner work. Please bring a pen, paper and one picture for a puja table of someone or something you love.


Current Talks within the Health Framework

These are the current speaking topics in the wellness sphere, however many topics on philosophy, yoga, meditation and spirituality can be offered.

Ancient Yoga Rituals for Everyday Living

Learn ancient yogic techniques of daily rituals for bringing you into balance with the environment and daily living.  

Many visionaries have used precise daily rituals to gain focus, clarity, determination and flow in their areas of work and dharma.

This talk brings to life in a practical manner how to use and implement ancient daily rituals in our busy lives for long-term dedication to realising our true potential. 



Mastering Longevity

How to harness your business self, personal homeostasis and live your highest potential with Meditation, Breathwork and effective Yoga Techniques. 

At a time when more women than ever are running their own self employed businesses, how the ancient techniques can harness intention, energy and focus for the 21st century bossgirl, and why it is essential for longevity.

This talk discusses practical tips for harnessing authenticity, maintaining purity through fads, and creating a sustainable income doing something you not only are passionate about but are actually brilliant at. 



Auto-Immune Warrior 

Yoga, Adaptogenic Herbs and Lifestyle Hacks for boosting natural immune health. 

Claire talks through why the Western World’s busy motivated young women’s biggest health issue at present is Auto Immune Disease. 

The talk discusses what are adaptogens, how you can utilise what your have in your kitchen cupboard and essentials for building your immune system, plus Claire gives you the best new health drinks, recipes and simple approaches to bio-hacking your health and wellbeing.